Jamie Koala

Fashion Designer. Artist. Photographer. Content Creator.

Jamie Koala is an independent creator working out of the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. Her work ranges from apparel construction and design to traditional and digital art as well as photography. Jamie began Koala Art and Design with a primary focus in album artwork, merchandise and photo shoots in the alternative metal music community. As Jamie made a foothold in the music community’s art scene working with bands such as Lamb of God, Marilyn Manson, A Perfect Circle and many more she made the natural transition into fashion using her own edgy designs in her clothing line KoalaArtAndDesign.com.

Koala has achieved success internationally having sold and shipped products to over 50 different countries and inventing and Patenting the product Plug Earring Converters. She also has had her work with bands sold nationally in stores such as FYE, Hot Topic and Best Buy. Despite growing in different directions in the art scene, Jamie Koala always holds true to her original passion, artistry ranging from acrylic paint to digital illustration. This loyalty to her first passion fuels the fires of her creativity in different media.

 "Through my life I have always been creative and explored many different mediums and ventures. My current outlet is my apparel and art company KoalaArtAndDesign.com. I formed my company at the age of 16 after attending local concerts and finding a new creative avenue. However, back then the company only offered services such as graphic design, art and even animation to brands, companies and bands. As I grew older, I began exploring different mediums in art, apparel design, and jewelry making which ultimately lead to the expansion of Koala into an apparel brand. When I was 18 I went off to college with the intention of receiving a bachelors in Consumer Science but my time at college was cut short by a chronic neurological disorder that matured by my second year. I was forced to do a medical withdrawal from college and spent that next year on bed rest. I spent those (and still am) next few years learning to live with the massive changes I had to make to my life due to the disorder (check out my personal blog for more information). Through the invisible illness I have always used my business, art and social media as an escape, it helped me through the harder times, rough medications and loss of a “normal life”; I believe art truly is therapy. I am thankful for every day I am able to work and create and even more excited to be able to share my work with the outside world!

Thank you so much for checking out my work."

- Jamie Koala